Student Projects

For each composition assignment, students were provided a project module that offered an assignment package with assignment requirements and details. Assignment packages were typically accompanied by an assignment overview video and supplemental multimodal instructional materials to support student decision-making and text production. When each student submitted the assignment, she was required to submit a metacognitive self-assessment that demonstrated understanding of the course learning outcomes and accounted for rhetorical decisions she made in the project.

This section offers analyses of multimodal composition projects that were developed by first-year composition students. We offer three student projects in all modalities: print, electronic, and sound. Two projects are in response to the same assignment to showcase the variation of projects students might develop when each student makes individual rhetorical decisions for an assignment. Included with our analyses are excerpts from the student reflections. Each student seemed to clearly understand why she was selecting the genre and how medium affects genre. These sample projects are limited examples of what students who were offered multimodal options generated; however, these projects illustrate what students can do when they are given multimodal composition assignments that allow them to have freedom to make choices based on their own determination of audience and purpose.