Actor Network Theory


My boat's name is Perigean Low. She is a Hell's Bay 18ft Waterman Skiff. "Perigean" referes to the widest tidal range each month, which results from the Moon's location in perigee—it's closest relative position to Earth. "Low" represents both the boat's shallow 4inch draft, and the extreme low Perigee tide. There are few boats that are capable of floating in such shallow water, making my Waterman a very unique vessel capable of naviating normally trecherous waters

Waterman boat

Perigean Low may not be a particularly fancy, or large boat but she is a well designed and purposeful tool designed to get me to where the fish are; no matter where they are. Perigean Low is also desgined to catch the fish: no hull slap to scare fish away, high vantage points to spot the fish, a low profile to keep the wind from pushing the boat off course, wide decks with maximum surface area for maximum movement. These may sound like little more than catchy sales-points, and they are, but any fisherperson worth their salt will tell you that to stop fishing and start catching, you need to have the right tools. Perigean Low is the right tool.

a caught fish

Even as the right tool Perigean Low only represents half the battle. With all of her specialization and tricks, at the end of the day she is a platform for a much more difficult exercise: fishing. The last thing you need when you're a few miles away from civilization is to be worrying about your boat, particularly if you want to catch fish. Fishing requires the full attention of all of your faculties to do well: mind, body, spirit, mind. The best boat is a boat that you do not have to think about, a boat blends seemlessly into the action.

couple on boat

Not having to worry about your boat is about more than just good fishing, because your boat can do a lot more than just haul you out onto the flats—it can bring you closer to the things you love. For me, Perigean Low lets me experience nature, the water, and companionship. Do you remember the 50s cliches of the guy and his girl driving around aimlessly—or up to makeout point—in their car? That's sort of what Perigean Low is for me, a nexus of those people, things, places, and actions that I really love. Every time I'm out on the water, fishing or not, I see dolphins or manatees, and birds and rays; I get some sun and I get to play in the water and sand; and I get to hold the love of my life close as we fly accross the water, wind in our hair


Perigean Low is more of a life method than a simple object. She has an agency all her own that changes the way that I exist in the world. She is my way of navigating the complex collectives that I find myself among—my way of finding and creating meaning.