Symmetry: Balance through symmetry feels comfortable to me. Though I regularly try to break out of my comfort zone, my M.O. is usually towards symmetrical order.

symmetrySymmetry as a design principle.

Categories: Again, order and balance is comfortable for me. "Things" have places where they belong, and criteria to fit them there. Of course, blurring this order is fun for its break from normalcy, but not in all things. My kitchen cabinets are rigidly ordered.

cupboardMy kitchen cupboard ordered in categories.

In-Line Commentary: Taking notes in a literate model permanently augments the interface of the book. In this way, note-taking is a way to organize thoughts using two devices—symbols (words, arrows, asateriks, etc...) and memory (I remember this page, its content, and what I was thinking because of what it looks like). This is a comfortable method of learning for me that does not easily map to digital notetaking, even in software that tries to emulate it.

NotesIn-line note taking.