Bird/Whale Multistability Gestalt



In devising my map, I found also a graph and a gestalt illustration. The map itself marks out my childhood home in Michigan, my new home in Florida, as well as the cities of Chicago, St. Louis, and Albuquerque. The latter three represent physical locations that I have visited, each one being for me the furthest western point in the United States I had been at that time.

The graph follows the map, but represents a figurative space as well. The y-axis simply marks the shifting of my physical home from Michigan to Florida. The x-axis, extending left or westward, signifies growth. While Chicago, St. Louis, and Albuquerque have been physical destinations in my life, they also mark stages of development, and in that way have choratic effect for me. Chicago is not very far west, and I recall being nervous and embarrassed about my lack of travel experience for most of my life. When I visited St. Louis, by then having already moved to Florida, I stood literally at the "Gateway to the West," as it was known. My trip to Albuquerque signified the first moment in my life that the world around me felt almost wholly foreign, being far removed from suburban Michigan or Tampa.

The logo that represents my map can be seen as either a bird reaching towards the sky, or the last glimpse of a whale diving towards the deep. Both are emblematic of travel in their own way. I have often felt that my physical travel has intellectual parallel—towards either the horizon or depths (of the mind), depending on the circumstances.