Pidgin Signs

Complete Sentences

No. Resisting completion. Embracing fragments, images, incomplete thoughts. No need to analyze, prove, argue, or finalize. Meaning: never set for always, everywhere. Meaning: like relationships, always changing.

Boy in Statue of Liberty costume Cagle sisters

Fused Sentences

You should feel free to fuse any things that seem to go together. Sometimes you will not have a choice in what you fuse or what fuses to you.

Fusion Examples

I have fused German with American, education with self–reflection, sisterhood with distance, and home with nowhere.

German-American flag symbolPoseable drawing figure and mirror

Map of Portland to Tampa

Jimmy Dean Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick Some fusions are simply not meant to be, however.


You should always know your go–to verbs. This MyStory's go–to verbs are:

  1. move
  2. learn
  3. read
  4. translate
  5. watch
  6. rain

Words Often Confused

See "cognates."

Unnecessary Words

Unnecessary words are those words that no one ever has to say to you because you're always already saying them to yourself.

Examples of Unnecessary Words

  1. You should feel guilty about that.
  2. Empty open bird cage
  3. Isn't cage awfully close to cagle?
  4. It might be time to move again.
  5. I should read that.
  6. You should read that.
  7. There's never enough time for all the books/experiences/sleep/travel/TV/movies.

Words that Build Common Ground

See "cognates."

End Punctuation

Content not coming soon.


Numbers are not to be feared. They are a way of standing out, feeling special, and sounding smart.

To feel special with numbers, don't attend engineering school. Everyone there can do numbers.

For maximum special feeling with numbers, show off your number skills in Humanities or Arts settings.