Home: Where the heart is. Homepage: Where the heart of identity is.

Marc Santos' professional homepage Karl Stolley's professional homepage

The individual's homepage categorizes his or her life. It narrows down the thickness of experience and personality into just a few columns or horizontal boxes. What fills these boxes determines what kind of person the individual appears to be: what kind of professional, what amount of goofy. Of course, page design tells us something similar: simplicity, clutter, dark colors, white space—these are all aesthetics we would notice in someone's physical home. Homepages categorize and stylize the individual. We probably judge individuals for category and style choices. At the very least, we might decide "like me" or "not like me." Those "like me" categorize their lives/sites like I do and decorate in a way that pleases me. Those "not like me": I may not even be able to navigate their site from their homepage because their categories are so foreign.

Home: Where people live. Homepage: Where individuals live.

Neil Gaiman's professional homepage Amanda Palmer's professional homepage

A home is created by all the people who live in it. The home's public spaces are negotiations, their individual elements often traceable back to their multiple users or creators. A homepage, even when created by multiple people, should be unified to promote usability. The homepage, unlike the home, must have a self–evident and individual logic, not a pluralistic logic that can only be found by sifting the sediments of what everyone in the home has brought to the table over the years. A married couple, living together, sharing even artistic projects, will still maintain separate and very distinct homepages.

Home: A place for people. Homepage: A place for people–substitutes.

Bands are not people and (most likely) do not live in single homes. People create bands. Bands have homepages.

Unknown band's homepage Band of Horses' homepage

Despite being people with first amendment rights, corporations are not people who live in homes. Corporations employ people. Corporations have homepages.

Blackboard's homepage Bank of America's homepage

Nations are not people who live in homes. People belong to nations. Nations have homepages.

Germany's homepage USA's hompage