Polymorphous Perversity and Texts

"If a writer is a sorcerer, it is because writing is a becoming, writing is traversed by strange becomings that are not becomings-writer, but becomings-rat, becomings-insect, becomings-wolf, etc." (Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari, 1987, p. 240)

Writing always involves self and other in ways that affect and infect us.

And increasingly, reading is writing, not just in metaphorical ways, but in concrete, visible, active ways. On one hand, sites like LibraryThing help us track our reading by generating lists for us to share, allowing us to locate new books by tracking people with similar interests.

On the other hand, new technologies such as the alluringly named evercookie seem more like viruses: Unlike normal browser cookies that allow Amazon to know what books I've looked at previously, evercookies allow companies to track a user's behavior from one browsing session to the next, even from one browser to another.