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Podcasting in a Writing Class? Considering the Possibilities


Assignments from Episode 3:
















Reading Responses Sample Assignment

Each week you have due a reading response and a class prompt tweet. Each is due before class and you may choose, unless otherwise noted, which you will complete for which class day. For example, if you do a class prompt tweet for Tuesday’s class you must do a reading response for Thursday's, and vice versa.

Reading responses are due on the day of class by 10 am. These responses give you the opportunity to reflect, discuss, analyze, and apply the concepts from the reading. These responses are your commentary to the reading and in these you should discuss anything you find significant about the reading, particularly in terms of the topic for that class period. These responses are not summaries of the reading, you need to go further than a simple summary and should synthesize, critique, associate, situate, etc. and include your own questions and observations. The reading response might also include comparisons among different readings so that we can see how the readings compare or contrast with each other. You can do a mini rhetorical analysis of a text (say one of the CyperReader readings or a podcast). You may also respond to your classmates' reading responses, tweets, or topics discussed in class. Feel free to focus on one reading (including podcasts) for the day or draw on all the readings.  Your responses should be ~250 words.

Three podcast reading responses

You will need to do three podcast reading responses during the semester.  You get to choose when you do these (within limitations). They will replace your written reading response for that week. These should be 2-5 minutes in length and do not need to be heavily edited. How you do the podcast is up to you, but make sure it includes at least the same level of reading response as your responses posted to the blog. Music and other things are optional and up to you. Have fun with these! Worth 10 points each.