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Podcasting in a Writing Class? Considering the Possibilities


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Podcast Peer Review Sample Assignment

Due by midnight (11:59:59) 11/24 on iTunes. Worth 20 participation points.

This peer review is the same as your CTW peer reviews*, with one major exception—it will be in podcast form. The podcast will include the capstone project and your review of it.

The point of the peer review is to aid your peers in revising their capstone projects to be stronger—you are helping them get a better grade and be a better communicator. The point is not to edit or offer surface comments only. While this may be a part of the peer review (and only a small part), instead focus on larger revision-based writing issues—not the comma problem in the third sentence, but the tone throughout, for example. Make sure you include positive and negative comments; tell them what they are doing well and what can be improved. Be specific with your feedback. Don’t just say “the introduction needs work,” but be clear. Say “the introduction is confusing” and offer explicit examples: “Perhaps if you rearranged the order of the sentences, placing the thesis before the road map, and added some more background…” Draw on your own knowledge of writing, design, podcasting (or whatever), and also what we learned in class. Do make “in-text” comments as I discussed above for each media and at least a 3 minute end comment and overall review. In your review consider both how they are applying all the concepts from class (audience(s), purpose, context, tone, style, common topics, kairos, arrangement, ethos, logos, pathos, proofs, memory, delivery, visual, and rhetorical techniques) and also how they are discussing (if applicable) these concepts in the project. Make sure you provide an answer to their two questions [note: Students were to provide their reviewers with two questions about their project] and consider how their audience and purpose fit the draft you are reviewing.

These are Critical Thinking through Writing (CTW), which is a required component in select classes for university course and department assessment. The CTW peer reviews were submitted on special web courseware for the assessment.  The CTW peer reviews are in print.