Why Count only CoverWebs and Features?
I limited my examination to the webtexts that appeared in CoverWebs and Features because I was interested in texts in which the author or authors had ownership of the appearance and hypertextual structure of their piece. In early volumes, such a limit made a good deal of sense, but in later issues, it was more problematic. Recent Praxis sections, for example, regularly publish webtexts that I could have included in my counting (and that I did include in my random walk through Kairos).

In this investigation, however, I am primarily interested in looking for large trends, and I doubt very much that the few pieces that I might have included would have changed these trends. The goal wasn't to describe the entire archive; it was to gain insight into how our approaches to hypertext have changed over the years and looking at CoverWebs and Features provided a sufficient lens for that purpose.