Full Disclosure
Even though I am in my fifties, I must confess to having been one of the instigators of this so-called era of "Adolescent Exuberance." Serving as one of four guest editors of the issue 7.3 CoverWeb "Beyond Normal: Teaching and Learning in Virtual Spaces," I beat the bushes with Cindy Selfe-like intensity to get people who presented papers at Computers and Writing 2002 to contribute. I encouraged experimentation and new media work, I did the HTML rendering of several webtexts for authors who had run out of time to do the design on their own, and I worked my co-editors (Susan Antlitz, Will Banks, and Ron Fortune) almost to death to get the issue out by NCTE in November. The result was the biggest issue in Kairos' seven years of existence and lots of exuberance in every good and bad sense of the word.