Of Two Minds Review -- A Memphite Topography: Governance and the City of Text

Governance and the City of Text

Joyce continues the spinning begun in the previous essay:

"I am interested in the text as a place of encounter in which we create the future. Yet like any envoy, I bring only troubling questions and a history of intentions on my back" (106).

Image after image passes through page after page in this essay. We see a Khazarian envoy with history and landscape tatooed on his body, patiently waiting while scribes copy the information into books and get a lesson in Memphite theology. Spinning and layering. He talks of a "world increasingly exhausted by its own making" and a city of text that "pulsates within a charged vortex of invisible power" that quickly connects to empowerment and silence (107). Spinning and layering. He uses Guyer to talk of "creating ourselves" through "acceptance and control" and talks again of proprioception as being the "body's knowledge of its own depth and location, its internal perspective of 'how to use oneself and on what' in Olson's phrase" (109). Spinning. He talks of polyvocal multitexts and dragon's teeth that bring "forth races of gods" (111). Layering. And through it all he talks of our conscious and unconscious ideas about learning, literacy, and what we are about as teachers and learners. "How should we look where we should?" he asks us.

"Imagine a city of text. Who will rule it? What will we call it? In what way shall we write it? How shall we read it?" (116).