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VICTORIA, open since 1993, welcomes all who are particularly interested in scholarship relating to the Victorian Era. The contributors to the list, who reside in a variety of English speaking countries around the globe, come mostly from academic institutions. Frequently notables in the field of Victorian studies, such as Nina Auerbach, offer comments in response to research questions posted by other list members.

Although a list of this size and scope has many members who are lurkers, a great number and variety of members post comments. The list is quite active with an average of thirty-five posts a day. An interesting individual topic thread may prompt comments from list members for a few weeks.

List members are expected to maintain a courteous and respectful tone in their posts. No flaming of any sort is allowed. List members go out of their way to avoid posting any comment that might be offensive to their readers, and if offense is taken, apologies are promptly and profusely offered.

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