About Morgan Gresham

I'm a Ph.D. candidate in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Louisville. My research interests include computer literacy, gender theory, and electronic communication (including electronic "conversation").

I help administer the English Computer Lab run by Dr. Pamela Takayoshi, where I also teach introductory composition. In my classes I incorporate synchronous and asynchronous conversation as well as hypertext assignments.

Here is a home page that gives an indication of both the hypertext requirements my students are asked to complete and the students' initiatives to go beyond the minimum requirements: Sandy Lee's Home Page

Additionally, I am the "Webster" (Web-designer) for the inaugural Thomas R. Watson Conference on Composition and Rhetoric, to be held October 9-12, 1996, at the University of Louisville. The Watson Conference is Directed by Dr. Brian Huot, Composition Director at the University of Louisville.

Contact information: smgres01@homer.louisville.edu

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