Epiphany Summer Institutes

"...we packed alotalearnin in a small space at Newark..."
-Al Krahn

"Newark was--a real shot in the arm for our campus...
We had six faculty represented at Newark.
They returned eager to try new things.
That must mean the Institute was a success for us."
- Judi Davis

Although the formats and the lengths of the two institutes differed, many participants agreed that both institutes were what we made of them. Newbies, who arrived at Newark or Richmond in search of as much technical knowledge as possible, eagerly attended software demonstrations, and stayed up late in labs or worked frantically to devour written documentation; some of the more technologically savvy people spent their time learning from each other, or helping new friends to keep up with the hectic pace at both locations. Either way, all of the participants found that they had much to learn and that they could set their own pace.

"After the flash flood Greg spoke of, I remember making my way back to a tent to change into dry clothes after hours in the storm. My efforts to save the projects failed in a rush of water off the thin-soiled slopes. But in the reflective hours that followed, how could I have felt such joy at being dry and warm, or enjoy a simple cup of iron-water coffee as much as I did, if I hadn't stepped out into the middle of it to begin with?"
- Michael Keller

"The hours were long, but the contacts and learning were very valuable." - Sydney Sowers

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