Basic Writers: Individualized Study

Course Syllabus

English 099-Z1/100.Z1

Ms. Claudine Keenan

Required Texts: O'Hare and Kline. Modern Writer's Handbook (or last semester's book)

Course Description: English 099/100 is designed to individualize improvement of the writing skills students have begun to acquire in English 099/100, and to develop those skills to a level they will need for success in English 105, and beyond. Writing is a process, and this specialized section will focus on exploring, organizing, drafting, revising, and editing each student's writing, using an Individualized Instruction Plan, determined by the referring instructor. Students will also review any rules of grammar and punctuation necessary, based on their own writing needs.

Course Requirements: Since this is a self-paced course, students must allow plenty of time for the rigorous demands that any writing task places on them, and they must accept the responsibility of completing course requirements on an individual basis, instead of a structured class meeting schedule. Writing- Students will complete eight papers, for which a maximum of five may be fulfilled by submitting prior graded assignments with appropriate revision. Students may revise each paper until it meets satisfactory standards. Students will also attend independent lab sessions for a prescribed number of hours each week, as determined by the instructor. To successfully pass English 009/100, students must pass the final exam, which must be completed in the lab under the instructor's supervision, and which students may continue to attempt (various versions) until they have passed.

  1. Attendance- Students are required to meet with the 099/100 instructor for one hour during Week One of the semester to discuss the Plan, to submit a writing sample, and to agree upon a schedule of assignments, deadlines, lab hours, and future meetings. Students should note these outcomes:
  2. Evaluation- Students will be evaluated upon demonstration of satisfactory skills, as outlined in the Plan. Students may submit papers to the instructor in person, via campus mail, or via e-mail. Students should also note that those who fail to pass the final exam, although only worth 10% of the final grade will not be released. Students may attempt the exam as often as time permits until the semester ends.

Academic Dishonesty (Plagiarism): Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating, plagiarizing, fabricating of information or citations, facilitating acts of academic dishonesty by others, having unauthorized possession of examinations, submitting work of another person or work previously used without informing the instructor, or tampering with the academic work of other students. If students engage in any of these deceits, the instructor will have no choice but to assign a grade of F for the semester and make the appropriate referrals.

Office Hours: T-TH 1:30 - 3:30pm