Epiphany Summer Institutes

A basic strategy of the workshops and team-building exercises at the summer institutes was to forge relationships that would bring the site leaders together for the year to come, not just the week of meetings.

It's the sheer breadth and richness of the interactions -- with people and machines -- that I remember over any one thing.
- Keith Rhodes

I'd say that the best thing to come out of the Richmond Institute is a set of friendships and conversations with kindred spirits. This kind of community is very important to me, because it lets me know that I'm not alone in my thinking.
- Gail Matthews-DeNatale

Epiphany Project goals include working together toward a shared vision of technologically enhanced writing and literature instruction. In practice, this can be messy and difficult as teachers experience the frustrations of learning new technologies that force  changes in pedagogy,  and the elation of seeing technological wonders working

During the summer institutes, though, those pressures combined to forge friendships and new collaborative partnerships (such as those between the three authors of this review) and to strengthen existing ones.

Sarah Hardy and I had worked as a team in Richmond, and I benefitted enormously from the close working relationship. Sarah and I have talked about a common assignment for our two sections of a course at Hampden-Sydney, an all-male school. At Epiphany, Sarah and I became friends with Sandra O'Neal and Christine Hait of Columbia College, an all-female school.

- Diana Rhoads

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