Learning Technology Success Stories (9/13)

Call For Papers

Active Learning  is the journal of the Computers in Teaching Initiative, published by the CTI Support Service. Further information about how to obtain copies is available via the CTISS web site: http://www.cti.ac.uk/

The next issue of Active Learning  is taking as its theme "Learning Technology Success Stories." Active Learning  is a widely read and respected journal which seeks to document the best practices in the use of learning technology in higher education. This issue will be featuring articles that demonstrate successful and effective implementations of learning technologies to enhance learning and teaching whether through the development of collaborative learning, consolidation, assessment, simulation, improved access, learning at a distance, etc. The editor of Active Learning  is keen to receive contributions from anyone involved in such developments.

Active Learning  is a refereed journal which publishes articles on the recommendation of its referees. To be accepted for publication articles should:

However, in addition to papers and case studies short opinion pieces are also welcome. The main criteria for acceptance of these are:

The deadline for receipt of articles is 13 SEPTEMBER 1996.

"Notes for Contributors" can be found at:


or are available via email: ctiss@oucs.ox.ac.uk
(Articles must be submitted in the required format.)

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