Vlink Syndrome: A Definition
Often when we get into a Web hypertext, we are confronted with a myriad of links, all of which we feel compelled to follow... until they all turn purple (or whatever color has been attributed to the visited link). Do we feel like we'll be missing something if we don't follow every link in the web? That attitude surely must be a carryover from linear reading and writing. Or maybe much of our hypertextual work still is designed to inadvertently make readers think they must  follow every route that the author has laid out, still bowing to the authority of the original composer.

When is the last time you only followed some  links in a hypertext, not because you got bored or ran out of time, but because you felt satisfied in the journey you took? Or are you, like many of us, victims of "vlink syndrome," unsatisfied until you've visited every single node in the web? Be honest ... then ask yourself why you do it.

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