Criticisms against the Kairos  View of Hypertext
As much as our staff has tried to view hypertext style in a wide sense during the formation and publication of this journal, we have come under criticism at times for holding a limited view of hypertext. Some have criticized us for not being bold and experimental enough with the hypertexts we publish, claiming we are hardly going beyond the conventions of print journals. Others have rebelled against stylistic limitations we have proposed in order to maintain some sense of design consistency and readability. And still others seem to cringe at the thought of any  limitations being placed on hypertext, since the medium holds almost utopian promise for some people.

I am not discounting those criticisms here -- many of them are valid and have given our staff much to consider -- or am I going to defend the Kairos  editorial staff or position right now. I just want to acknowledge the wide variety of views on hypertext within our professional community and note how this journal's staff is dedicated to exploring these media and styles, not dictating them.

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