Surveying the Body Electric

or: How Voyeurism Transforms Audience & E-valuation

For R. N. Thompson, in memory.

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This is not your typical hypertextual essay: it inverts the graphic and the textual, exemplification and argumentation. And those inversions make it difficult to read for a couple of reasons:
1. it's graphic intensive.
2. it ca n be read along a number of paths, many of which engage the reader in constructing his or her own argument from the appropriated images and centripetal hurtlings away from the essay.
3. its links decay.

Even t hough images are interlaced and optimized to load as quickly as possible, this is an essay to multitask--to read while working on other things. This is an essay to read more than once, along multiple paths. And dead-ends are part of navigating the labyr inth of surveillance. If you reach a deadend, backup and pick another link. Remember your browser's history serves as Ariadne's thread, allowing you to note where you've already been.

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