Some Notes On Appropriation and the Images in this HyperText

"Appropriate images from MONDO 2000--these may already have been appropriated. Let's confuse the trail." ("PoMo Appro--Apropos?" 2)
Most of the images in this essay are from other sources. Where images were used to represent their originating web sites, the link back to the site serves as the images reference. Additionally, I applied the fair use test at " The Copyright Web Site" to my use of images from print sources and concluded that those uses constitute fair use for the following reasons:
1. I'm not intending to directly profit from their use;

2. They relate directly to the scholarship of the hypertext;

3. The hypertext adds meaning to the original graphics through their immersion in the surrounding discussion and analysis;

4. Their use herein is not expected to harm the original market for which they were intended.
The Works Cited Page includes references to these graphics and their original artists where that information was available.