MOO assignment

Suppose we think of Bloomer's text as a poetics of the MOO, and of Deleuze's as a philosophy of the MOO. The poetics would indicate how to navigate the MOO as both a textual and architectural space, and the philosophy would provide the conceptualization of the space itself.

In short, Bloomer and Deleuze in allegorical relation to each other and to the MOO.

Benjamin finds the possibility of criticism in allegory.

The goal of this project is to explore/invent the MOO as both the object and the instrument of criticism.

This goal entails the following:
1) Construction of a reflexive method of MOOing via figuration (or allegory),
2) Implementation of this method in the (recursive) construction of a (recursive) MOO space, and
3) Careful assessment of the possibility and impossibility of these tasks.

The first task will be judged in terms of the elegance and sufficiency of your reflexive gesture.

The second task will be judged in terms of the economy (whether restricted or general) and creativity with which you employ the resources of the MOO.

The third task will be judged in terms of your courage and honesty.

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