A Reporter's Notes
from the
12th Annual
Computers and Writing Conference
May 30th-June 2nd, 1996
Utah State University
Logan, Utah

© Copyright, 1996
David Gillette
Department of English
University of Central Florida
Orlando, Florida 32816-1364
E-mail: dgillett@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu
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What the 1996 Conference was All About

After years of hearing so many exciting things about the Computers and Writing Conference from friends and colleagues, I was finally able to attend this year as an active participant and as an interested spectator. On the first day of the conference I quickly found myself immersed in a discussion about how I use the World Wide Web in my English courses. At no point during the conversation did I need to stop and explain what the Web is and how it works, or why as a writing teacher, and supposed English scholar, I would even be interested in such a highly technological form of communication. As soon as we exchanged URLs of sites for students to explore and as places to visit for personal entertainment, I knew I was at the right conference. I was home.