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How to Use My List of Presentations

To make my report about the conference easier to read, and I hope, more useful, I have provided you with a hypertext list of the presentations I attended. Skip through this list at will. When you're done reading my reviews, come back here for some final comment.

Plenary Session, Deborah Holdstein

The Conference is the Text: The Text is the Conference
Deborah Holdstein, Governors State University

C1. Panel: Issues in Technical Writing

Designing Effective Internet Assignments in Technical Communication
Patricia Goubil-Gambrell, Texas Tech University
Staying Ahead of the Job Tracking Computers: How OCR Software Upgrades Keep Changing What Students Need to Know About Resumes
Teresa Burns, University of Wisconsin
Writer Restrain Thyself: Creating Visuals on the Computer
Ron Shook (presented by David Hailey), Utah State University

E4. Panel: Traipsing the Course and Tracing the Corpse of Literacy

Jazz and the Scene of Writing: Toward a Practice of Teaching Electronic Composition
Michael A. Laffey, University of Florida
The Architectural Aspects of Cyber-School and What Writing Teachers can Learn from the Entertainment Industry
Paul Dever, University of Florida
Electronic Monumentality
Barry Mauer, University of Florida
Digital Agoras
Anthony Rue, University of Florida

H2. Panel: Online Writing and Learning: Connecting University, School, Local, and Business Communities

Bill Condon, University of Michigan
Wayne Butler, University of Michigan
Rebecca Rickly, University of Michigan
Jonas Kaplan, University of Michigan
Barbara Monroe, University of Michigan

©David Gillette, 1996