A Challenge is Made

In this message, Walter engages in some harsh criticism of one of his virtual classmate's comments. Note the "throwing down the gauntlet" tone of the opening line:

You really should follow your heart in all things, "R," descendent of the thoughtless. And, should you never know my respect for opinions that will not change the reality of that my respect yet resides. Respect from me incorporates both the space to speak and the acceptance of review, else the opinions ought to remain private.

My desire is to engage in substance, and I do like the colors used in expressing thoughts (I certainly abhor dryness--God is fresh every day, and He's made incredible variety. Just as he, I lend freedom for formulating your own decisions; but, just as with He, there is ultimately to be an accounting. And again He says, "If we would judge ourselves, we would be not judged.)

You did in fact suggest that Twain had no purpose, no "plot." I reserve the right to account your thoughts, even if I somewhat bore you--I know you're poking fun, but humor is to be an agent for your substantive ideas, not the end itself, 'cept iffin yourn in it jussin for the profit.

Your view:

I guess my humor and my attempts to spark some friendly discussions on this board other than "I agree with what you said" and "you made an excellent point" was lost on you. How could that be? You're so deep and philosophical!!

An account:

Did you mean what you previously said about Twain, or do you now rescind?

I expect you to be bored with me; for, though I wish I had his gifts, I cannot ascend to Twain. As is taught by Dylan, in this class and in his previous 1302, all opinions have to have substantiating evidence and logical support to be valid. That way we get beyond mere feelings and mud, and end up with some self judging, thereby finding our hearts and minds refined.

Onward against wayward,