a very personal message

The major part of the work on our MUD project was accomplished during the semester break at Tel Aviv University -- the month of February -- and the beginning of March, 1996. Though our group is comprised of members with different political perspectives, all of us seek a real and lasting peace with Israel's neighbors. February was a very difficult and trying month for Israel in general, and for Israelis striving to achieve a lasting peace in particular. The often complicated and confusing process of learning to build a MUD and actually programming its various elements is difficult unto itself. We found it all the more difficult to keep our minds on the project when buses were exploding, destroying not only people's lives but also our hopes for a peaceful future.

We hoped that our small project would somehow be more than just a project for a grade at the university. We hoped that in our own small way we might be able to make a small contribution to understanding, reconciliation and peace. That hope still burns in us.

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