Tuesday Cafe

A cheerful but quiet and peaceful cafe overlooking the lobby of the Netoric Headquarters. Sunlight pours through the skylights, and out the windows you see a well-kept English garden. The smells of fresh coffee and tea drift toward you as you join your colleagues for some shop talk. Lots of comfortable chairs and tables are scattered about, and when more of your colleagues arrive, you simply push more tables together. Each Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, the computers and writing crowd gathers here to discuss--what else?--issues related to the use of computers in the teaching of writing. To see the topic for a particular Tuesday Night, enter LIST TOPICS.

Obvious exits: down to Netoric Headquarters

You see Tuesday Night Topics, Introjector, How to review the opening slides (do READ HOW), and Projectorator here.

Note: This is the room description of the Tuesday Cafe in MediaMOO, where Tari Fanderclai and Greg Siering host weekly Tuesday evening discussions among members of the computers and writing community.