The TechnoRhetoricians' Bar and Gril

A slovenly, comfortable hovel where the patrons discuss the rhetorical implications of every little thing, including the shifting dunes of crumbs and peanut shells that ripple across the floor. No one here is daunted by triviality.

Obvious exits: north to the panopticon, west to Curtis Common, down to The Cell, and up to CWTA Outpost You see MacXVI, Lou the Bartender, Pony, Isocrates, Derrida, toolbox, and Barthes here.

MC, sm, Glenn, beckster [Aglow], and Eric [GPC] are here.

Note: This is the room description of the Technorhetoricians' Bar and Grill on MediaMOO. The room is owned by Eric Crump and provides the source of the name "technorhetician."