MOO Discussion: 24 April 1995 (Group 4)

Below is an unedited MOO transcript of the discussion that occurred in "Group 4" on April 24, 1995. I have changed only the names in order to maintain the anonymity of the students, and I have indicated (with the "su" and "gw" tags) the students' university affiliation. After seeing the film The Torch Song Trilogy and considering the issue of homosexual families, the group below discussed the question of returning home to one's dorm room and finding one's roommate kissing a person of his/her same gender.

mark-gw says, "i think my first reaction to my room-mate kissing someone of the same sex would be to leave them in privacy. I believe they have the right to "sexile" people just like our heterosexual room-mates do""

david-su says, "I think I would feel uncomfortable"

stacey-gw says, "I would definitely feel discomfort. I do not know what I would do though?"

barbara-su says, "david, why would you feel uncomfortable?""

mark-gw says, "heven't you ever been "sexiled?""

david-su says, "i am not sure, maybe because I am not around it that often."

stacey-gw says, "I would probably leave right away to leave them alone as well."

oscar-gw says, "I guess if it were two guys making out, I would feel more discomfort; than the two girls making out"

barbara-su says, "Do you think you could learn to be more comfortable, david?""

cathleen-su says, "it would bother me mostly because it would be strange, that may make me seem like a bad person, it's not like I think it's wrong because I don't . I'd feel uncomfortable in my room""

darla-gw says, "I probably 'll leave, they should have their privacy"

david-su says, "probably not "

darla-gw says, "what do you mean, probably not?"

cathleen-su says, " I don't think I'd feel more uncomfortable with a certain sex""

mark-gw says, "I think oscar would be afraid that they would want him to join them""

oscar-gw says, ""why? wouldn't you?"

barbara-su says, "so, david, you're saying that even more experience and knowledge of homosexuality wouldn't open your mind a little more?""

Note: As is typical in on-line discussions, all seven of the the group members voice their opinions. Both barbara-su and darla-gw ask david-su very direct questions, prompting him to expand on his ideas. As we can see above, the dialogue is substantive, and the discussions are highly interactive.