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Douglas Eyman


      Storyspace is the hypertext authoring system with which these hypertexts were created. I had heard of Storyspace before, but I had never had a chance to experience it until now. Simply from reading these hypertexts and using the demo version of Storyspace, I can see that it is a powerful and fairly user-friendly program. Moreover, Storyspace allows the construction of hypertexts which can contain many different types of links, and which have three different conceptual mapping options. The links are important--Storyspace allows the hypertext author to present the user with a list of link destinations that he or she may choose to take when activating any given hotlink in the text; or the author may choose to make the entire lexia a link to another lexia. The ability to conceptually organize hypertext into many different structures ("Adam's Bookstore" is linked in a circular configuration, while "LBJ" was designed as three cross-shaped nodes, for instance) expands the composer's options when considering the cognitive design of the hypertext infrastructure.       Additionally, Storyspace documents can be ported to the World Wide Web. Storyspace is available for both Windows and Macintosh personal computers.

For more information, link to Eastgate Systems, creators of Storyspace.

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    Jane Park

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    Anne Pycha

  • The Hero's Face
    Joshua Rappaport

  • Rhizome
    Maggie Skodon

  • Freud Web
    David B. Stevenson

  • LBJ
    Timothy Taylor

  • Adam's Bookstore
    Adam Wenger

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