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    A colleague and I taught ourselves hypertext markup language with the assistance of some books. Learning the language is tedious, but really not too difficult. This was the fun part. Once we had created the pages, we were ready to publish them on the web; however, this wasn't as easy as I had anticipated, since all of the servers at our university are controlled solely by Academic Computing and individual departments are not allowed to own servers or to manipulate university servers. So, we had to persuade Academic Computing to put up our pages. My first meeting with the Academic Computing Manager was unproductive. As the voice of university policy, she refused to even look at the pages until I had a formal letter which stated that faculty members supported the OWL. Such a letter is required because I am a graduate student without faculty member privileges, so I persuaded the department chair and a faculty advisor to agree to write letters stating that the department supported creating an OWL. Then, I finally took the web pages and the sealed letters to the Academic Computing Manager.
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