Facts About The Epiphany Project

The Epiphany Project: An Annenberg/CPB - ACW Project
Directed by Trent Batson, PhD, Gallaudet University
Co-Principal Investigators:
  • Steve Gilbert, AAHE
  • John O'Connor, George Mason University

    Epiphany will provide:

  • online and telephone consulting
  • print materials (late spring, 1996)
  • the "Epiphany Package" (late summer, 1996, at cost, including a professionally-produced training video)


  • print materials to allow institutions to set up 1-day, 3- day, or 1-week workshops in computers and writin
  • video with a number of training points (to pause at and work from)
  • electronic syllabus archive and syllabus builder homepage


  • Trent Batson, Gallaudet University, Director
  • Steve Gilbert, AAHE, Principal Investigator
  • John O'Connor, George Mason University, Principal Investigator
  • Robert Kozma, SRI International, Materials Developer and Consultant
  • Chris Padilla, SRI International, Materials Developer and Consultant
  • Randall Bass, Georgetown University, Materials Developer and Consultant
  • Judy Williamson, George Mason University, Project Manager and Research Assistant
  • Anne Woodlief, Virginia Commonwealth University, Classroom Consultant
  • Mike Keller, Virginia Commonwealth University, Site Director
  • Dona Hickey, University of Richmond, Classroom Consultant
  • Joe Essid, University of Richmond, Site Director


  • Jon Wergin, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Pat Hutchings, AAHE and University of Wyoming
  • Joy Peyton, Center for Applied Linguistics
  • Cynthia Selfe, Michigan Technological University
  • Gail Hawisher, University of Illinois
  • Chip Bruce, University of Illinois
  • Bill Condon, University of Michigan

    Mark your calendars:

    "Teaching & Learning with Technology" February 9-10, 1996, a Mid-Atlantic Alliance for Computers & Writing conference at George Mason University, Fairfax, VA. Featured speakers to include:
  • Michael Joyce
  • Carolyn Guyer
  • Nancy Kaplan
  • Stuart Moulthrop
    and John O'Connor, Trent Batson, Randy Bass, Steve Gilbert (AAHE Teaching and Learning with Technology Roundtable program), Leslie Harris ("Composition in Cyberspace" Project), Steve Ehrmann ("Flashlight" Project) and many others.

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