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CWTA at the MOO: Main Points

      Below I have collected our summary of the first CWTA Moo-Dialogue; for a more indepth discussion of these points, please see "CWTA at the MOO: Inventing the Alliance."

KarlaK says, "can anyone recap?"
KarlaK says, "Awards to programs with good cwta support,..."
KarlaK says, "Teaching tips/articles on linking teheory and pedagogical practice in local papers and journals."
MikeS says, "Local grassroots -- local papers, school districts, etc."
KarlaK says, "Networking for job search."
douglas says, "Sample job descriptions and clarification of CWTA workload and responsibilities."
MikeS says, "Empirical research (?)"
douglas says, "Continued supportive networking and collaboration, the possibility of small newsletter/journal, more work to recruit others to the online way."
SCog says, "Credit for grants applied for - and gotten."
KarlaK says, "Yeah, we talked about definitions of tech support vs. curricular support types of stuff, too."
SCog hopes her ranting about tech support vs. thinking jobs isn't offensive.
GregS [to SCog]: I think it is accurate. We have tech support, but nothing official in terms of pedagogy/curriculum... and *that's* where we need it most, since the HelpDesk or Computing Services cannot do that.
SCog [to GregS]: and I really believe they'll continue to think of us as their servants - oh, come fix my printer - until we make the distinction for them.
MikeS says, "And in the meantime, we have to help *create* the niche we hope to fill -- by creating classes like "computers in english/rhetoric study", "writing on-line", etc."

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To put this all in context, you can peruse the full moo-log for Tueday, November 14, 1995 at

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