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CWTA at the MOO: Welcome

Welcome to Netoric's Tuesday Cafe Discussion for November 14, 1995

Topic: Working Towards the Future: Earning Recognition for Technical Experience

Our guest hosts today are members of the CWTA (Computers and Writing Teaching Assistants Alliance), led by Mike Salvo, who's known here at MediaMOO as MikeS.

      As you can see from the following excerpt, there have been some misconceptions about the CWTA; although this organization is indeed an alliance of graduate students, it is open to anyone who has an interest in advancing the cause of the oft-beleaguered computers and writing graduate teaching assistant. We certainly welcome those who will soon be or who have recently ceased to be graduate students in this field, as well as graduate-student mentors, administrators whose decisions affect graduate students, and adjunct faculty (many of whom face the same difficulties).

barrym wonders if he's allowed in tonight's discussion.
rlong thinks barrym is welcome anytime.
barrym grins at rlong (helpful person).
JanetC [to barrym]: Whyever not?
SusanL also wonders if non grad students can attend?
barrym says, "I thought tonight was for grad students."
KarlaK says, "and former and future and never-to-be graduate students."
MikeS [to barrym]: not *only* for grad students.
Snickity thinks one should also consider 2 year institutions in this group. "Many of us go on to two year institutions and continue the work we started in grad. school."

After introductions and warm welcomes, the discussion began in earnest. Onward!

To put this all in context, you can peruse the full moo-log for Tuesday, November 14, 1995 at

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