The Computers and Writing Teaching Assistants' Alliance (CWTA) is a growing collective of students from many campuses across the United States who are working or have worked in computer labs in the capacity of graduate assistants. Based loosely on the model of the Wyoming Resolution and the efforts of adjunct faculty in English departments, our goal is to construct a clear set of criteria, responsibilities, and job titles that are appropriate for the work we do.

Our first meeting was at last year's 4Cs. Because of the success of this get-together, we will be participating in another Special Interest Group (SIG) at next spring's 4Cs and a meeting at the Computers & Writing Conference in June. We have become more than a SIG, however; the CWTA has turned into a regular advocacy association.

If you are interested in joining our group or the group's discussion, contact Judy Williamson (, or find us in our rooms at Mediamoo: CWTA Outpost & CWTA Meeting Room (look for Cin, douglas, Eric, JudyH, KarlaK, and MikeS).

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