The Virtual Classroom: Writing Across the Internet

Saturday, March 16, 1996
University of California at Berkeley

The Virtual Classroom: Writing Across the Internet is a one-day conference dedicated to exploring the educational uses of Internet-based communications environments. This conference will focus specifically on the instructional use of Multi-user Domain, Object-Oriented environments: MOOs, MUDs, and the newest member of the family, Web-MOOs (or WOOs).

Papers on the topics of virtual classroom interaction, gender and virtual environments, student MOO (or Web-MOO) projects, MOO-based collaborative inter-class projects, and papers focusing on social/theoretical issues pertaining to student MOO practices are welcome. In addition, we encourage papers concerning foreign language or other discipline-specific uses of MOOs, Web-MOOs, or the virtual classroom in general.

Submitting Proposals

- 300-word abstract
- Deadline: 9 February, 1996
The Virtual Classroom: Writing across the Internet, is co-sponsored by the UC Berkeley Instructional Technology Program, The Berkeley Language Center (tentative), and the Annenberg/CPB Composition in Cyberspace Project.


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