1996 Convention of the Speech Communication Association

San Diego, California
November 23-26, 1996

"Communication: Taking The Helm"

The 82nd Annual Meeting of the Speech Communication Association will be held in San Diego, California, at the San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina and the adjoining San Diego Convention Center. The convention will be November 23-26 (Saturday through Tuesday) with pre-conferences on November 22 (Friday) and a post-conference on November 26 (Tuesday, from 12:30 - 5:00 p.m.). The primary convention planner is Judith S. Trent, Division of Research & Advanced Studies,P. O. Box 210627, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0627; 513-556-4337; fax 513-556-0128; judith.trent@ uc.edu

The theme for the 1996 convention is "Communication: Taking the Helm." As the field of communication and the Speech Communication Association move through the last years of the 20th century and toward the 21st, it is clear that the discipline is not only on the move but taking leadership in a variety of intellectual spheres. Theories emanating from our research and the scholarship apparent in our pedagogy and other forms of application position the field for leadership in the humanities, social sciences, and other professional activities. A society formed and preserved by communication demands that communication professionals plot the course. Thus, "Taking the Helm" will be a convention celebrating communication research and scholarship in all of its forms and contexts. The theme invokes a number of program and paper possibilities for all Association units. Programs may celebrate past or current scholarly works, pedagogical or professional achievements, focus on goals and objectives, or highlight current trends. The theme also invites analyses of contributions the field could or should make in the future.

Convention Submissions


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