The Communication Review:

With the goal of exploring new, disciplined approaches to communication studies, The Communication Review seeks a synthesis of concerns traditional to the field of communication and human studies scholarship. The journal's heuristic division of the field into three analytical perspectives provides a natural structure for creating new knowledge across conventional disciplinary boundaries:

* Communication as a Social Force -- focusing on the historical evolution and contemporary transformation of mass communications, telecommunications, and information systems, emphasizing their political-economic, technological, and institutional dynamics.

* Communication and Culture -- proving the questions of producing meaning and interpretation by way of analyzing culture through literature, the visual and dramatic arts, folklore, and anthropology.

* Communication and Mind -- examining the individual socially constituted through language and other media in cultural and economic contexts.

The editors view these as different perspectives on a unitary system of communicative activity. The journal recognizes that while scholars in diverse fields once took "mediational" institutions, forms, and practices for granted, now communication presents fundamental problems that require analysis.

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