The American Studies Working Group at UC Berkeley is looking for papers to be presented at a symposium on the connections between American media and the formation of American communities in the past and present. This symposium will be held on the Berkeley campus April 20.

Possible topics might include: early forms of media; mass media and mass movements; "public access" media; comparative media and community; communities formed or destroyed by media; highbrow/lowbrow media; communities which produce particular media and why; utopian experiments with media and community; American urban art and media; multicultural communities and media; journalism; spectacles and "events"; new and historical media technologies; separatism/integrationism/media; access to American history through media; American media and the transnational community.

Send 250 word proposals and a vita by Februrary 10 to the American Studies Working Group, 301 Campbell Hall, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720. E-mail to:

For more information, contact Annalee Newitz at 510-486-0366, Charlie Bertsch at / 707-554-0652, Freya Johnson at / 510-597-1292 or Jillian Sandell at / 510-658-9296.


Kairos 1.1 (Spring 1996): News