Utah State to Host 1996 Computers and Writing Conference

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Computers and Writing Conference 1996 Homepage

The Twelfth Annual Computers and Writing Conference is scheduled for May 30 through June 2, 1996, at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. A concurrent online conference will begin on May 6 and run through June 30. Both reflect the continuing changes of technology. Conference Chair Christine Hult describes the '96 theme, Technology & Change,  in saying,
The rapid acceleration of change in the area of computers and writing causes some consternation--but also considerable exhilaration--among educators at all levels. The conference will highlight our attempts to cope and to stay current with the potential for technology in the writing field. This unique conference brings together educators from all levels and types of educational institutions who have a common interest in the uses of computer technology for writing instruction.
This will be the first national gathering of Computers and Writing scholars since last year's meeting in El Paso. For information on the virtual conference or on the face-to-face gathering in Utah, contact Alan Heaps or Christine Hult.

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