you say: why cinema?

Glue says: The theory tells us that popular texts such as Hollywood movies are allegories of our ideology--characters personify the identity categories of the dominant belief system.

Deleuze says: and the images show us so much--new forms of coexistence, ordering, transformation.

Vertov says: I see. Cinema = decoding the visible world + that which is invisible. Use any and all tools available.

Glue says: In a word, students are natives of American culture (or of some culture) but they do not know in a conceptual sense what that means. There are some links missing in their thinking. They lack the information needed to locate the social, p sychological, historical, institutional complex of motives that inform their own behavior. And do wonder, since it is the essence of this complex to appear natural.

Vertov says: The cinetext plunges into the seeming chaos of life to find in life itself the response to an assigned theme. To find the resultant force amongst the million phenomena related to a given theme.

Hit the lights.
Roll the film