The Analogy position of the heuristic generator (CATTt), in which everything organizes into juxtaposed lists, using some known item to suggest slots for making something new.
The analogy for cinetextual writing is the science of 'pataphysics.'

beyond metaphysics beyond critique
ephemeral ?
laws links
the enlightenment Hollywood
anti-institutional ?
archival ?
lawsuit script
confrontation collaboration
ethernity ethernet
mathematics Meme
journey ?
provocation pun
epistolary novel documentary
prophecy memory
Zola Godard
Tain of the mirror mooville

Nietzshe says: "Two tracks meet here; no one has ever followed them to the end. This long track behind us. It goes on for an eternity. And that long road ahead of us--that is another eternity. But if one were to follow them further and ever further and ever further: do you think that these roads would be in eternal opposition?

Dr. Faustroll says: "I have never had the desire to kill except after seeing a horses head, which has become for me a sign, or an order, or more precisely a signal, like the down-turned thumb in the arena, that the time has come to strike the blow.

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