Welcome to MOOmartre, a place that reminds visitors of Montmartre, sitting on a dramatic rise above Paris, site of the Sacre-Coeur basilica and home to a once-thriving avant-garde community, a heritage recalled today by the gangs of third-rate painters cl ustered in the area's most famous square, the place du Gainesville. The difference is that MOOmartre's heyday is NOW.

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A hybrid place--part cabaret, part heuristic device. Electronic designers are known to haunt these premises, including gulmer. The dance floor is marked with the famous operations of the CATTt:

You see an A rack of postcards and a BOTtle of Absinthe here. For the tourists too busy to take their own snapshots, postcards depicting some of the best CITES in the readings.

chez Baxandall:
The maker of a picture or other historical artifact is a person addressing a problem of which the product is a finished and concrete solution.

A problem is normally a state of affairs in which two things hold: something is to be done, and there is no purely habitual or simply reactive way of doing it

The Bot of Absinthe says: "To ease the pain as time's dread burden weighs down upon your shoulders and crushes you to earth, you must be drunk without respite. Drunk with what? With wine, with theory, or with virtue, as you please. But be drunk.

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