Deux ou trois choses que je sais d'HTML

Perhaps an object can provide a link, can enable one to go from one subject to another and so to live within society, to be together. But then, given the fact that social relationships are always ambiguous, given the fact that my thoughts create rifts as much as they unite, given the fact that my words establish contacts by being spoken and create isolation by remaining unspoken, given the fact that there is such a vast gap between the subjective certainty I have of myself and the objective reality that I represent to others, given the fact that I always find myself guilty although I feel I am innocent. Given the fact that each event changes my day to day existence and given the fact that I fail to communicate. . . .

I mean to understand; to love, to be loved, and as each failure makes me feel my loneliness more keenly, as . . . I cannot bring myself to give up the objectivity which oppresses me or the subjectivity which makes me feel an exile... I must go on listening. I must go on looking about me even more keenly than in the past.