The Case of Object #143
A Manifesto of CineTextual Writing
The Line between Thought and 

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Cinetext  is the creation of a time-defined textuality using patterns and elements of film in the creation of dynamic textuality. It takes the MOO (in this case, MOOville, part of the University of Florida's Networked Writing Environment) as both the object of study and as the writing machine responsible for the creation of this hypertext. The Case of Object #143   is both an expanded vision of a visit to MOOville and a blueprint for how to perform a new sort of theoretical investigation using the spatial-temporal qualities of the MOO itself as tools for critical invention. The experimental nature of this hypertext requires, like cinetext itself, an active engagement and navigation by individuals willing to ask questions we have been unable to ask about the conventions of print culture. The Case of Object #143  offers no answers, but provides opportunities for dialogue.

Author Bio
Anthony Rue is a PhD candidate in English and Media Studies at the University of Florida. His cinetextual travels have led him to Gainesville, where he teaches other graduate students the vagaries of computer-mediated pedagogies. He is the regional co-director of the Florida Alliance for Computers and Writing and serves on the Board of Directors of the national ACW and the Executive Committee of the NCTE Assembly for Computers and Writing. He works as the Information Technology Specialist on the IBM Writing Project/Networked Writing Environment at the University of Florida. In his spare time he runs Dasein Design, a digital media design and internet consulting firm.

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